Understanding the rules of the road today and understanding the importance of driving defensively is extremely important in keeping our roads safe.

The demand for getting quality and safe driving instruction is at a premium now a days. As a recent parent of a new licensed driver, I understand the frustration teenagers and their parents go through. I have worked in many professions in my career, training drivers in many diverse environments and have seen first-hand the anxiety that driving can have on a person. The drivers training at Neil's Training Wheels will be set up so the student is not only prepared to pass their test, but more importantly to drive safely and confidently on the roads and highways.

My mission is to teach inexperienced drivers how to drive safely and how to be a responsible driver on our roads. I recently retired from the MN Department of Public Safety.  Before that, I served 15 years in the US Army as a Military Police Officer, 10 years in the DOJ and many years in the private sector running security for oil, finance, and retail companies.

I look forward to meeting your teenager or if you are an over 18 adult, I look forward to giving you a refresher course or if new to driving I will teach you the basics. 

Neil Huotari, Owner