30-Hour Classroom

The 30-Hour Classroom instruction consists of 10 three-hour classes. Students are expected to be present during the lessons and participate.  Attendance will be monitored, and we expect students to be involved for the entire class.  A student can make up a class if they cannot make it.  The curriculum is as follows:

Lesson 1: Getting your License:

  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Driving Is a Privilege
  • License Requirements
  • Driving Responsibilities

Lesson 2: Traffic laws, lanes/road markings and signage

  • Identifying Different Sign Types by Shape and Color
  • Important of Direction When Reading Signs
  • Basic Vehicle Requirements
  • Traffic Laws and Vehicle Operations

Lesson 3: Automobile Systems and Maneuvers

  • Basic Vehicle Maneuvers
  • Calculating a 3-Second Following Distance
  • Speed Laws, Parking Maneuvers, and Seatbelt Safety
  • Lane Changes (SMOG - Signal, Mirrors, Over-Your-Shoulder, Go)

Lesson 4: Natural Laws and The Automobile

  • Green Arrows and Flashing Yellow Arrows
  • Merging onto a Freeway
  • Teach Gap Gauge Go
  • Twin Cities Road System

Lesson 5: Basic Vehicle Control

  • Distracted Driving and Driving When Tired
  • Responsibility for Your Mental Attitude and Physical Condition
  • Outcomes of Aggressive Driving and Road Rage
  • Strategies to Avoid and Stay Safe in a Road Rage Situation

Lesson 6: Rules of the Road

  • Driving in Rain, Snow, Sleet, Fog, Smoke, Mountains, and at Night
  • Difference Between ABS and Regular Brakes
  • Emergency Situations (i.e. Going through Ice, Stuck in the Snow, Skidding)

Lesson 7: Time-Space Management

  • Sharing the Road (Right of Way Privilege) 
  • Difference Between Merging and Yielding
  • Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersections
  • Railroad, Large Vehicles, Bus, and Motorcycle Safety

Lesson 8: Aware of your Surroundings

  • Systems Approach Driving
  • Environmental Awareness
  • SIPDE (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute)
  • Effective Space Management for Defensive Driving
  • Basic Knowledge of Car Insurance (Good Student Discount)
  • What to Do if Involved in a Crash 

Lesson 9: Accidents, Alcohol/Drugs, and Organ Donation

  • Effects of Alcohol and Drugs (Over-the-Counter and Illegal)
  • How Driving Skills Can Be Impaired
  • Legal and Financial Consequences
  • Good Decision-Making Skills
  • Vanessas Law
  • Organ Donation

Lesson 10: Review

  • Review of Each Lesson
  • Extensive Practice Test
  • Licensing Procedures and Identification Requirements
  • Defensive Driving Tactics Are Reinforced

30-Hour Online Class

Minnesota allows teens to complete classroom training online. Our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a safe and responsible driver. With our online course, you can complete your 30 hours of instruction at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

The state of Minnesota fully approves our virtual driver training program, so you can be confident that you're getting the highest quality education. Our course is also designed to be engaging and interactive, with videos, animations, and quizzes to help you learn and retain the information.

Our program is designed to help students learn the rules of the road, develop safe driving habits, and gain the confidence they need to pass their driving test. With our engaging and interactive online curriculum, students can learn at their own pace and on their schedule. We offer classroom and BTW bundle packages as well.

Our program includes:

  • 30 hours of virtual online instruction
  • Three months to complete (maximum of three hours daily)
  • Interactive lessons and quizzes
  • Practice driving simulations
  • Access to experienced driving instructors
  • Great for busy students due to sports, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities

Some additional benefits of the virtual online driving program are:

  • Convenient: Our online course allows you to complete 30 hours of instruction on your schedule from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Flexible: You can work at your own pace, taking as much or as little time as you need to complete each module.
  • Engaging: Our course is designed to be interactive and engaging, with videos, animations, and quizzes to help you learn and retain the information.
  • Approved: Our virtual driver training program is fully approved by the state of Minnesota, so you can be confident that you're getting the highest quality education.

Don't let the hassle of traditional driver education classes hold you back. Sign up for our virtual online driver training program today and get on the road to success!